Welcome to the new Vineyard Cellars website!  We’ve worked really hard on this site over the last few months and so are really excited to finally get it live and be able to properly show our fantastic range of wines.  It’s been a whirlwind six months for the business and for me personally, and it’s been a real pleasure getting under the skin of California and its vibrant winemaking community.  California has such a huge diversity of regions, grape varieties and winemaking styles that I often wonder if it shouldn’t be viewed almost as a country in its own right. 

The UK has always been a keen consumer of Californian wines, never more so than in the last few years and it feels like British drinkers and now really willing to expand their horizons and discover the hidden treasures that lie around the state. This presents us with a really exciting challenge – to keep on top of this relentlessly evolving wine environment and ensure that we are the first to find the exciting, the unusual and above all the delicious!  I’m pleased to say that it is a challenge that we accept with relish, to that end we are always keen to hear from you.  What have you tried and liked, what has surprised you, what have you looked for and never been able to find?  Please do get in touch with us, we are never happier than when talking all things wine.

The website is the first of many exciting things that you’ll see from us over the coming months, with new producers and coming on board, small parcels of rare, aged and unusual wines and and a number of events coming up where we can properly showcase our wines.  Please do have a browse around, I hope you are as excited by the wines as I am to bring them to you.  If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to ask!

Many thanks,