Taittinger, Collection Zao Wou-Ki, Champagne Blend, Reims, 1998

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The harvest in 1998 started in mid-September in the rain. After alternating hot and cold periods, the sun promptly made an appearance and rescued an abundant crop which had wonderfully ripened. The balance between the sugar alcohol and the acid is unprecedented and ranks it among the best harvests in the House’s history. The 1998 wines are blessed with an impressive intensity and harmonious aromas. These qualities, together with an ever-present freshness mean that this vintage keeps very well.

For his collaboration with Taittinger Champagne, Zao Wou-Ki takes us into a world which characterises his style of abstraction. 'I paint what isn’t seen’ he said. ‘My paintings become unreadable. Still life and flowers no longer exist. I am attracted by marks which are imaginary, indecipherable’. Indecipherable maybe, but not unfathomable to those who allow themselves to be led into his mysterious abysses, sea beds, phantasmagorical grottos and skies, which are both calm and stormy, where the viewer is drawn into a feeling of complete physical freedom and weightlessness.

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