Donelan, Richards Family Vineyard, Syrah, Sonoma Valley, 2011

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Richards Family Vineyard is nestled in the Schultz Valley near Annadel State Park in Sonoma Valley. While generally perceived as a warmer region, this east-facing isolated parcel buttressed to the west by the Sonoma Mountains is surprisingly cool. The Richards Syrah has historically been the slowest wine to evolve in barrel and is best when the winemaker steps aside and lets the terroir do the heavy-lifting. The stress on the vines during the growing season has produced a wine intensely steeped in a sense-of-place, this small but majestic vineyard surrounded by verdant redwood trees.

The 2011 vinatge opens with a nose of sage, truffle, and a sweet-savory richness reminiscent of foie-gras. It evolves into a world of fine, French chocolates, then hot fudge, and finally sea-salted chocolate. While it is certainly decadent, its nuances and layers evolve in the glass in new and interesting ways with every taste – perfect for a long evening.

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