Taittinger, Comtes de Champagne, 2011

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The most perfect expression of Taittinger’s House style, a Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs is rare. It is subjected to rigorous care and attention, with the celebrated bottles only seeing daylight after spending 8-10 years maturing 18 metres underground. This great 2007 vintage lives up to all expectations as soon as you open the bottle. That typical Chardonnay colour is there in all its sparkling, golden glory with shimmers of green coating the constant stream of fine, delicate bubbles. It has a fine and delicate nose which combines white blossom and a certain minerality with general overtones of Anjou light pear and golden raisins. Subtle hints of aniseed and smoky flavours follow this suggestion of fruit. The taste is vibrant, with a combination of lemon and saltiness. This is immediately followed by a sensation of complex, yet mellow freshness creating the perfect balance between ripeness and a full-rounded flavour. It is rounded off by a long-lasting, crisp finish with hints of salted butter. This elegant wine lives up to its reputation with its freshness, strength, minerality and mellow fruitiness. Its freshness encapsulates a certain moment in time and promises interesting cellaring potential.

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