Donelan, Kobler Family Vineyard, Syrah, Russian River Valley, 2013

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Kobler Family Syrah is in a category entirely its own. Driven by its distinctive nose, this single-vineyard is the only wine that Donelan co-ferment; the Viognier and Syrah meld together during fermentation, producing an exotic wine full of ripe, sweet spice. The Kobler Family Vineyard is located on a slightly elevated ridge along the eastern border of Green Valley in the Russian River Valley, where its distinguishing climatic influences of cool temperatures, fog, and afternoon breezes make it the perfect place to create an ode to Cote Rotie.

Spicier on the nose than previous vintages, the 2013 Kobler is all about cracked pepper and salami with hints of fresh blackberry. Understanding ripeness at this cooler site allows Donelan to capture full maturity at often lower potential alcohol, preserving the rustic nature of a cool-climate site while promoting great density. Together, the Viognier and Syrah conjure umami characters, making this an extremely exciting wine with savory, mouthwatering foods.

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