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Donelan, Obsidian Vineyard, Syrah, 2013

Donelan, Obsidian Vineyard, Syrah, 2013

75cl   |  ABV 14.9%

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The sole vineyard owned by Donelan Family Winery, Obsidian is the most unique place they cultivate and absolutely bathed in terroir. On a steep perch rising above the Franz Valley floor in Knight’s Valley, Obsidian seems to want for water even amid rainstorms. The vines struggle mightily to produce canes and leaves, the berries are tiny, yields are unbelievably low and flavour concentration is ethereal. Year on year it has produced stunning wines characterised by fullness, minerality and structure that consistently wow critics and consumers alike. Sadly it was ravaged in the wildfires of 2017, however the Donelan family have already replanted and are committed to bringing this incredible wine back to market as soon as the grapes produce fruit of sufficient quality. In the meantime the existing stock will become ever more prized.

The 2013 Obsidian manages to raise the already high bar for this wine, with increasing layers of character and utter irresistibility. It posseses a truly compelling ability to balance of an array of aromas as varied as peat moss, leather, anise and mocha into a complete wine far greater than the some of its parts; a combination that is best described as simply “Obsidian.”

Wine Advocate:  99 points