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ARIEL Premium Dealcoholised Chardonnay, 2018
J Lohr, Ariel Non Alcoholic , Chardonnay, 2018

ARIEL Premium Dealcoholised Chardonnay, 2018

75cl   |  ABV 0.5%

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One of the only de-alcoholised wines to win a gold medal in a category with standard wines, ARIEL is a great way to enjoy a glass of wine when taking a break from alcohol.  Premium, barrel-aged Californian Chardonnay goes through a process of reverse osmosis, which gently removes the alcohol whilst not damaging the essential characteristics of the wine.

This delicious wine, with its tropical fruit character and subtle oak from barrel aging, has a distinctive combination of buttery apple and butterscotch flavors, combined with a toasty French oak bouquet. This is a dealcoholised wine that will continue to develop complexity as it ages.

Try it with spaghetti carbonara, sautéed scallops or crispy duck.