Alexana, East Block Volcanic Soils, Pinot Noir, Dundee Hills, 2020

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Alexana was founded in 2005 by Dr Madiah Revana. His intention was to make great wine (it always is!) but unlike in his Napa estate where he looks at Cabernet, here he arrived with the intent of making cool climate wines to rival the great Pinots from Burgundy. Alexana is situated on a unique piece of land where the volcanic and marine sedimentary soils merge in Oregon’s Dundee Hills AVA.Their position on the backside of the hills ensures that the vines are exposed to long hours of gentle Oregon sunshine tempered by the unobstructed cool coastal winds from the Pacific Ocean.The three-story, gravity flow winery is the perfect place to make high quality wines that beautifully express the best that Oregon can offer.

The eastern blocks of the estate vineyard are south to south-east facing and are composed entirely of various volcanic soil types. This section of our vineyard expresses softly textured wines noted for showcasing red stone fruits and spiciness.


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