J Lohr, Tower Road, Petite Sirah, Paso Robles, 2020

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In the vineyards surrounding Tower Road, in the Estrella and San Miguel districts of Paso Robles, Petite Sirah thrives on the well-drained yet heavier clay soils of the area. The rarity of autumn rains in Paso Robles allows this tight-clustered variety to reach full maturity almost every year, without the risk of bunch-rot that exists in damper regions of the state as well as parts of Europe. Intense summer sun and very warm daytime temperatures in Paso Robles are balanced by the gentle afternoon breezes that creep in from the Monterey Bay to the north and from the Templeton Gap to the west. These winds cool the area by as much as thirty degrees by early morning, preserving the acidity and bright fruit character of this fantastic varietal. The 2017 Tower Road is emblematic of the dense concentrated flavours that evolve in great vintages, showing toasted pastry aromas with juicy blackberry and fresh coffee on the palate. Pairs well with aromatic herbs and pan-seared meat dishes such as rosemary lamb chops with roasted fennel.

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