Michael David, Earthquake, Old Vine Zinfandel, Lodi, 2020

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The brothers Michael and David founded a winery on land left to them by their father in 1984. Making bold, classically correct wines with even bolder labels, we love the range of cheerful, well-made wines with enormous flavour. 

This rich, burly Zinfandel offers over the top concentration and intensity that will
leave your taste buds trembling! Opening with luscious red fruit and brown sugar
aromas, this full-bodied Zin overflows with strawberry jam, molasses and vanilla
bean flavors carried though by a fruit laced finish that lingers until the next quake.
Over the top and shattering to the veins, these wines possess major concentration
and daring flavor.

The Earthquake Zin which came from an old Lodi vineyard planted around the same time of San Francisco’s great Earthquake of 1906. While mulling over a label name in the vineyard, Michael Phillips thought it only seemed fitting to relate this intense wine with the historical quake. These dark and voluminous wines will definitely leave your senses quivering.


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