Orin Swift, Mannequin, Chardonnay, California, 2020

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The vintage mannequins that adorn this wines label each have their own style and personality, but together they make a fascinating and complex scene. The same is true of many of Orin Swift’s Chardonnay vineyards; from the tops of the Stagecoach Vineyard to the cool Sonoma Carneros each has its own set of unique characteristics. After hanging until they turn golden-brown, the grapes are barrel fermented in a mix of new and seasoned French oak. No two resulting lots ever smell or taste the same, but when blended together, they create something never seen before—much like the collection of mannequins on the bottle. The wine has a big palate, full of rich aromatics of Meyer lemon, honeydew, butterscotch and honeysuckle, with accents of jasmine, white pepper and fennel pollen. A layered mid-palate of nectarines, pineapple and honey is kept fresh by good acidity and leads to an elegant, long finish.

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