Blue Rock, Baby Blue Blanc, White Blend, Sonoma Coast, 2021

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We love to be creative and to blend wines with intention. Baby Blue Blanc walks a tightrope that delivers the best qualities of Sauvignon Blanc, bright acidity and freshness, yet tempered by the addition of Viognier and Semillon in order to enhance the texture, something that remains elusive to most Sauvignon Blanc bottled on its own. Here the subtlest shade of pale straw radiates with a purity that seems to ?rst absorb and then re?ect back all the light in the room. The sensory dance continues with pristine aromas of fresh-squeezed lime, grapefruit, chamomile tea and a delicate bouquet of exotic ?owers, all seamlessly integrated into a fragrant and harmonious whole. And then we taste the wine and there is a burst of bright citrus, and an ensemble of exotic kiwi, tangy gooseberry and subtle layers of lemongrass. However, what most distinguishes this wine from its brethren is the creamy texture.

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