J Lohr, Riverstone, Chardonnay, Arroyo Seco, 2021

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J Lohr was founded in 1973 by the eponymous Jerry, who originally looked at the cool and windblown Monterrey coast. Fairly quickly building a successful business with the lovely terroir there, he expanded to Paso in a search for a place to grow truly great Cabernet. And, with no doubt - he found it. Founding the Hilltop Vineyard pretty quickly, they expanded rapidly off the back of the quality of Paso Robles fruit and the exceptional quality of the wines they were producing. Nowadays this is one of USA's favourite wines - not requiring pretence or shouting to show how damn good it is. This is a Cellar's favourite across the board, with the Seven Oaks and the Riverstone proving firm favourites amongst our customers.

A fresh, youthful and textured Chardonnay, now comprised of nine Chardonnay clones, each bringing one component to the complexity of flavors and textures in the final blend. The wine exhibits flavors of white peach, floral, citrus, baking spices, and honey.

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